Announcement and patch dates

Hey guys! After the veritable news drought from the The Sims team we are apparently going to be flooded with information about upcoming content during an announcement on Tuesday 19 April (US time) / Wednesday 20 April (Aus/NZ time). Personally, we are hoping to hear quite a lot about the next couple of pack releases for The Sims 4 as well as to get some insight into what is planned beyond the next couple of months. We are now a couple of months “overdue” for a Game Pack. Also, the new Expansion Pack release schedule seems to be every 9 months rather than twice a year so we are due for one of those during the Northern summer (July/August). We will post more about our thoughts and release schedule predictions soon.

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Remember to re-enable your CC!

With a new update comes a new wave of panic as CC mysteriously disappears from TS4 games everywhere.

If any of you “lose” CC with an update, just remember that since December the game updates automatically disable your CC. All you have to do is to re-enable it in Options, then restart your game. Re-downloading everything will do absolutely nothing if custom content is disabled. Just remember to update any mods that change or affect gameplay (most CAS and objects are usually OK unless they have custom gameplay, though do check downloads posts for everything you have just in case).


Obviously I cannot guarantee that this is all that happens. I have had saves mysteriously disappear (in TS2 and TS3, but not in TS4, though I’ve had Gallery content disappear in that game) so the Sims games do occasionally randomly delete content. Just make sure you do regular backups and try not to panic immediately – check whether your CC is still there, just not enabled.

Happy simming!


New Stuff Pack coming next week!

Long time no hear, guys! We’ve been on a short unannounced hiatus, traveling overseas (Thea) and moving house (Engram). But we’re back and as if to celebrate this fact (*cough* highly unlikely *cough) Maxis are releasing the Movie Hangout Stuff Pack on January 13! You can watch the announce trailer here:

I’m still unpacking boxes so I haven’t had the chance to pore over it in detail but at first glance I’m loving all the new content. The popcorn maker and large TV screen look fantastic and that little pouffe the kid was sitting on towards the end is adorable.

Also, I’m calling it now – pets and murphy beds. I firmly believe in Maxis TV subliminal advertising LOL

Happy simming!

Engram and Thea